GoCD Screenshots

Go Continuous Delivery Startup Screen

This is Go Continuous Delivery's startup screen, the first screen you see when you open the web interface of a newly installed GoCD instance.

Agent Management Screen

Agents execute the build steps in a GoCD pipeline. The agent management screen allows you to first select an agent on left-hand side by enabling the checkbox, and then using the button on the top to enable the agent, and assign resources.

Pipeline overview after a successful run of build stage

The home screen of the GoCD web interface shows all pipelines, their stages, and the state of their lat run through color coding. Green means success, red failure, yellow is a stage that's currently in progress, and stages that haven't run yet are shown in grey.

History View of a Pipeline, with Option to Rerun Stages

In the history view of a pipeline, hovering over a completed stage (passed or failed) gives you an icon for rerunning the stage.